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If I Were a Lady...

Author: Tyne, Bryl R.

Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing, LLC

Format: Adobe PDF

Content Language: English

eBook ISBN: 9781605920252

Print ISBN: 9781605920252

Size: 1,371 KB

Publication Date: 2010-01-01

Fiction > Erotica > General

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If I Were a Lady...
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Fifth grade English teacher, Kendra Wright, doesn't believe in instant love. In fact, at twenty-nine, she's all but given up hope of ever finding love, period. That is, until she meets the new principal, Valerian Riche.

He may be stunning, gentlemanly and honorable, but falling for the man is the last thing on Kendra's agenda. But when Val makes the first move, Kendra's life as the youngest spinster to ever grace the pages of history is turned upside-down.

She's longed to be treated like the lady she knows she is, but technically, is not. But if the truth comes out, it will destroy her career and end the wildest romantic ride she's ever known.

Kendra must end the relationship before she's in too deep. Before the truth is revealed. But, how does a lady say no to the charm-charged wiles of a man as determined, and eager, as Val Riche? While she anticipates the horror of breaking the news, he persists on making her decision as difficult as possible. Maybe Val should've checked Kendra's package before he unchecked his heart.

Special Content Alert: M/M, Transsexual


Taking control, I backed him into the shelves and unbuckled his belt. Once I managed to get his pants unclasped, I eased the zipper over his erection-jutted shorts, and pushed his slacks down until they fell bunching at his ankles.

"Kendra . . . ." The raspy edge in his voice sent chills along my arms. He lowered his head and sucked on my neck, sure to mark me, as he wriggled hurried fingers beneath the strap of my tight thong.

Fumbling my grasp on the waistband, I shoved one hand inside his boxers. Again, wielding my power, I wrapped my fingers around his thick meat, and with a jerk, slowed his eager search. I fixed his drawers over his cock's head before reaching my other hand in from the bottom to rake my nails along his heavy sac. Immobilizing him further, I worked the loose skin over the hard inner core of his cock with long, steady strokes.

Every upward pull and every downward glide tortured my desire. With a gasp, I forced my eyes open, hoping to see anything but my mind's vision of his cock's exposed and shiny head playing hide-n-seek in and out of its foreskin. I groaned, as my breathing labored.

His breaths came sharper and heavier as I latched onto his throat. I reveled in the burn of his lime and spice aftershave on my tongue. Both hands busy, I palmed his balls, gently massaging, as I tightened my flowing grip on his thick shaft. I picked up speed, and moans rumbled from deep within his chest, intermingled with breathless declarations of pleasure that included my name.

With blood flow stifled to my aroused, but well-tucked, man-clit, the throbbing neared unbearable. I clenched my thighs in a futile effort to suppress the pain. Coaxing him along with sultry voice, I whispered. "Come for me, Val. Give it to me." Suddenly, his hands shifted beneath my thong. Parting my cheeks, he traced the outer edge of my entrance, teasing my opening. "God, Val . . . ."

His thrusting hips forced his cock through my firmly wrapped fingers, then through again. Faster and faster, until he shuddered, singing my name in repeated grunts, his cock spewing, streaming thick, hot spunk inside his boxers and over my fist.

Sweat slicked his temples as he released me. "Kendra . . . ."

He sounded winded, as if he'd just run a marathon, but that was the least of my concern.

"Sorry," I said, and wiped my hands inside his shorts as I withdrew them. Agony seizing the cleft of my thighs, I unbolted, unlocked, opened, and closed the janitor's closet door behind me, in a rush for the nearest ladies' room.

This eBook is no longer available for purchase.
Publisher Information
Visit the official website of Noble Romance Publishing, LLC.
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