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Call Me Sir

Author: Glenn, Stormy

Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing, LLC

Format: Adobe PDF

Content Language: English

eBook ISBN: 9781605920481

Print ISBN: 9781605920481

Size: 1,120 KB

Publication Date: 2010-01-01

Fiction > Erotica > General

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Call Me Sir
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The night Logan James subbed for the bartender at his club, he had no idea the love of his life would walk through the door, but the moment he saw Joey MacIntire, he wanted him. The only problem? How to initiate someone so young and obviously innocent into Logan's D/s lifestyle. Logan decides to bide his time and wait for Joey to get to know him better.

Joey MacIntire came to the city to find someone to call his own. Logan James embodies everything Joey could ever want in a man, but while he treats Joey kindly, he doesn't seem interested in anything more than friendship. Still, Joey has hope . . . and many late night fantasies. But after a year of waiting for Logan to give him more than a passing glance, Joey finally gives up. He decides to stop wasting his time at Logan's club and try out the new place across town. Dante's Dungeon is a BDSM club, and Joey is totally unprepared for what he sees there and what he discovers about himself.

When Logan discovers Joey's intentions, he decides he's waited long enough. It's time to claim Joey as his own. Things heat up between the two men and they settle into a life of domestic D/s bliss, but there are outside forces at work-forces intent on destroying Joey and Logan's newfound happiness.

Special Content Alert: M/M, D/s, Spanking


Joey leaned down and ran his hand across Logan's erection, squeezing. "I like the response I get from you. I think it's hot." Joey dropped to his knees and reached for the zipper of Logan's pants. "I think this is hotter."

Joey pulled Logan's pants apart, watching with great delight the hard cock that sprang forth. He leaned forward and licked up the tiny drops of pre-cum pooling on the large, purplish head.

Logan groaned, his cock jerking. Joey grinned up at him. "Yum!" He leaned in and ran his tongue around the crown and across the top. He sank farther onto the floor. He wanted to be angled just right so Logan could watch.

Over the last month, Joey had learned just how much Logan liked to watch. He liked to watch Joey give him blow jobs. He liked to watch Joey stretch and work out. He liked to watch Joey masturbate. Logan seemed to like to watch Joey do everything. A lot. And Joey loved the attention.

"Fuck, baby, that's so pretty," Logan said as Joey ran his tongue up the thick, veined sides of Logan's cock. Out of the corner of his eye, Joey caught site of Logan's hands gripping the edge of his seat. Logan's fingers were almost white.

"Like that, do you?" Joey asked. "You're going to love this." Joey swallowed down Logan's cock until his nose pressed against Logan's groin. He tightened his lips and started quickly bobbing his head up and down.

"Joey, baby, you don't know how good that feels," Logan groaned. "Your mouth is perfect."

Joey grinned around Logan then continued to move his head. He wanted Logan to forget whatever paperwork had made him crazy, even if just for a few minutes. Using his tongue, his lips, and his mouth, Joey went about driving Logan out of his mind.

"Gonna come, baby," Logan tangled his hands in Joey's hair.

He increased his efforts until Logan's body suddenly stiffened. The cock in his mouth went rock hard, swelling just a bit then hot cream exploded into Joey's mouth.

Joey swallowed down as fast as he could, licking and stroking with his tongue. Even when Logan was done, Joey refused to release the cock in his mouth. He just continued to love on Logan.

"Joey! Someone's coming," Logan cried out. "You need to come out from under the desk."

Joey shook his head. He wasn't about to release his toy. He scooted back under Logan's desk. Grabbing the edge of Logan's chair, he pulled it forward until both he and Logan's lower body were hidden inside the knee hole.

This eBook is no longer available for purchase.
Publisher Information
Visit the official website of Noble Romance Publishing, LLC.
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