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Coin Operated Boy

Author: Tyne, Bryl R.

Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing, LLC

Format: Adobe PDF

Content Language: English

eBook ISBN: 9781605920573

Print ISBN: 9781605920573

Size: 1,249 KB

Publication Date: 2010-01-01

Fiction > Erotica > General

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Coin Operated Boy
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After serving time for violating the Android Fair Usage Act, Rye "Silk" Pecatti is hell bent on locating and reacquainting himself with his super android, Chal. Chal was created to learn and to retain human emotions, but Rye never figured in the "will factor." With an android that's learned to bargain his way through life, enterprising takes on a whole new meaning, and Rye discovers that yielding control to his creation may be the only way to truly fulfill both their needs.

Special Content Alert: M/M, Light BDSM, Spanking


Exhaling slowly to still his rapid pulse proved futile as he got a grip on his racing thoughts. Tracking down Chal was simply half the battle-the easiest half. He had no idea how or if Chal would receive him, much less remember him. Would his droid be open to hearing about his past? Would he brush Rye off as a quack? After a few calming breaths, he admitted reacquainting himself with Chal might not go as planned.

Curtain number three hung open just enough that from a certain angle Rye had an unobstructed view. He moved into position, and with baited breath, leaned on the thin wall separating the stalls. On the far side of the tiny room he spied Chal.

Red silk jumpsuit unzipped, the upper half hung at his hips and over the edge of the narrow bench on which he was seated. Leaned back against the wall, hips jutted forward and eyes closed, Chal had one sleeve encircling the nice-sized boner he worked under a tight grip. Astonished, Rye watched his android stimulate pleasure as any human male might. His only questions-why use silk and why in public?

Masturbation's routine was no stranger; Rye had sought that brand of self-help too many times to mention. But Chal? Discovering Chal had learned to enjoy the rush of orgasm had Rye hard as a brick. His droid should hardly be in need of pleasing himself, though, not with his skills. Rye held in a gasp as Chal cupped the loose silk under his balls with his other palm.

Mustering the will to keep from grabbing his cock in view of passersby took some effort. But the memory of the child and pissed off mother kept him in check. He continued his study. Chal's sure motions, the way his face contorted as he neared climax, the bead of sweat drizzling down his naked torso . . . all combined to hold Rye entranced. Not only Chal's actions, but also Rye's own creative genius riveted him in place. He had perfected androids that secreted bodily fluids. Judging the sight before him, he was fairly certain he'd perfected a droid that could feel. He smiled at the notch in his untouchable belt. Though determining if the latter observation were fact would take some research.

Suddenly, Chal's legs tensed and the stall creaked from the sharp jerk of his hips, pulling Rye from his reverie. Eyes clenched shut, Chal bit his bottom lip. Rye's heart raced. He felt the sweat bead at his temples, trickle along his cheek and over his tight pressed lips. For fear he'd let out a moan, he held his breath as Chal came in long, pearled streams across his chest.

Inhaling sharply, he came back to his senses. Getting nabbed for voyeurism wasn't on the agenda. As fast as the ache in his groin allowed, Rye scurried away from the curtained room. He exited Copernicus's, his determination to reacquaint himself with his creation stronger than ever.

This eBook is no longer available for purchase.
Publisher Information
Visit the official website of Noble Romance Publishing, LLC.
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